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Kernow Easter 2011

Just a quick post to add a video of some of Mika's and Lenny's runs from Easter.
Mika is now much more responsive to run and we managed some lovely tight turns... as well as some very...... very ....wide ones! ha ha lots to work on, mainly my handling ;-)
Lenny and Jon made their return to the ring for the first time since before christmas, they have had loads of time off for Lenny to recover fully after his operation to remove a ball from his intestines, but as you can see, he is now 100% fit n' well and considering the training he's missed out on over the winter doing quite well :-), Jon is still adjusting to being back running and handling again, but is improving with every run and is enjoying running his pride and joy again, Jon is still not pushing Lenny and is staying calm and letting Len find his feet again, i'm sure it wont be long before they are back to where they were last year :-)
OHHH and the most important news is that Jon and Lenny won the Gr.4 jumping beating the time of the Gr5's by over a second too :-), this is Lenny's 2nd win towards grade 5 so im sure it wont be long now!

The whole weekend was great, brilliant company, some good laughs and some fun courses, I also got to see 4 of Lenny's puppies who are growing up fast and at 7 months old are seriously gorgeous :-)
Here is a photo taken last week of Lenny with his son Tarn, I love this photo, I will nag the owners of the other pups for some photos to post soon.

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